Energy - wind power

Generation of electricity
by wind power

Offshore wind farm

Like many other forms of renewable energy, the prime energy source of wind power is the sun. The sun heats the Earth's surface causing movements of air due to temperature and pressure differences. Wind power harnesses the kinetic energy of wind and converts this into mechanical energy. Historically windmills used this energy to turn machinery e.g. grinding corn or pumping water. In a wind turbine the energy is used to produce electricity by driving a generator or alternator.


General wind energy information

  • Danish Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association
    One of the best and most informative sites on wind power: calculators on wind resources, wind turbine technology, economics, and environmental aspects of wind energy. A down-loadable version of the site is also available for off-line reference.
  • RenewableUK
    Formerly the British Wind Energy Association, RenewableUK is the UK's leading not for profit renewable energy trade association. The organisation supports the development of UK wind & marine energy.
  • European Wind Energy Association
    Promotes the utilisation of wind power in Europe and worldwide.
  • The American Wind Energy Association
    Another source of wide ranging information from small wind systems to utility-scale wind much in down-loadable pdf format.
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory
    Information on wind power research in the USA.