Energy - Solar photovoltaic

Electricity from solar energy

Solar photovoltaic panels

Solar cells, or Photovoltaic (pv) cells convert light into electricity.
Photovoltaic cells are created from a thin wafer of semiconductor material (mostly silicon). Two layers of differing electrical characteristics are created within the wafer by doping with impurities; typically boron - creating a 'P or Positive type' layer, and phosphorus for 'N or Negative type'. An electrostatic field is formed at the junction of these two layers; this provides the voltage required to drive current through a connected load. When the solar cell is exposed to light, energy from photons (particles of light) releases charge carriers within the silicon which are then driven by the electrostatic field as an electric current around the external circuit. The amount of current flowing in the circuit is proportional to the intensity of light.

Individual solar cells are the basic element for the construction of photovoltaic modules, roof integrated, solar electric roof tiles. The advent of thin film solar cells (organic/polymer solar cells) has made possible the manufacture of flexible or even foldable solar modules.

See also large-scale solar.


General solar PV info.

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