Energy - hydro

What is hydro energy ?


Hydro energy is produced by the conversion of kinetic energy from falling water. Hydro energy can be converted into useful mechanical or electrical power (hydro-power or hydro electricity). The power available at source on a potential hydro-power site depends on the rate of flow and the distance through which the water falls.


Small scale hydro

  • Evans Engineering Ltd
    Useful information about hydro power including technology, legal requirements, economics, etc.


  • Hydropower and Watermills:
    mission - to represent the interests of watermill owners and champion the cause of sustainable renewable hydropower. There are over 20000 watermills in the British Isles which could potentially have installed capacity of 600-1000 MW enhancing river management, flood and pollution control. For details contact: Waterpower Engineering, Coaley Mill, Coaley, Gloucestesrhire, GL11 5DS