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Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency + renewable energy = sustainable energy

Energy efficient lighting

The most cost effective means of meeting our energy needs whilst tackling climate change is by using energy more efficiently and utilising renewable energy. Improved building design, and improvements to existing stock by using:- higher levels of insulation, active and passive solar heating techniques, energy efficient boilers, better heating controls, natural lighting, integral power generation, etc. all contribute to reducing energy demand.
More energy efficiency can be gained by decentralising power generation. Large power stations can waste two-thirds of the energy they generate in the form of heat. Because of their remote situation this heat cannot be recovered for useful purposes. A reduction in generation and transmission losses can be obtained by building smaller localised combined heat and power plants (CHP). CHP plants both generate electricity and supply heating for the locality.


General information links

  • The Carbon Trust
    The Carbon Trust is an independent company funded by UK Government. Its role is to help the UK move to a low carbon economy by helping business and the public sector reduce carbon emissions and capture the commercial opportunities of low carbon technologies. This website offers advice and free publications on energy management and energy efficiency. www.carbontrust.com/
  • Energy Saving Trust
    EST is a non-profit distributing company set up by the Government and major energy companies. This site provides information on domestic energy saving, Energy Efficiency Accreditation Scheme for organisations, manages the Energy Efficiency Advice Centre network. www.energysavingtrust.org.uk
  • Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSA)
    CSE is a charity seeking sustainable energy solutions that engage people and communities to meet real needs for both environmentally sound and affordable energy services. This website has downloadable educational and research publications in PDF format. www.cse.org.uk
  • Wikipedia
    Energy conservation
    Energy efficiency
    Efficient energy use
  • Energy Efficiency Advice Centres (EEACs)
    Your nearest EEAC can be contacted by telephoning: Freephone 0800 512 012.
  • Citizens Advice Bureau
    Advice guide on energy saving - topics include insulation, lighting and appliances, grants and schemes, etc.
    Energy efficiency and saving money guide
  • The European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings
    The mission of EuroACE is to work together with the European institutions to help Europe move towards a more sustainable pattern of energy use in buildings. www.euroace.org
  • National Energy Foundation
    The NEF aims and values are to help people and businesses throughout the UK to reduce their carbon emissions through the use of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy sources to help combat climate change. www.nef.org.uk
  • National Energy Services Ltd.
    NES is a trading subsidiary of the National Energy Foundation, an independent charity promoting energy conservation and providing help to improve energy efficiency in residential buildings. This site has information on The National Home Energy Rating (NHER) Scheme, The Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA), other legislation and various on-line technical bulletins. www.nesltd.co.uk

Energy efficiency news and articles

  • Energy Trace Webzine
    Energy Trace provides a source of current information about energy efficiency products and practices from around the world. energytrace.com

Energy efficient lighting

Project examples /case studies

  • Sustainable Energy Academy (SEA)
    The SEA Old Home, SuperHome programme aims to transform energy efficiency within existing housing stock. The programme includes a network of exemplar energy efficient old dwellings, which are local and publicly accessible within 15 minutes to nearly everyone in the UK and an education programme showing how to replicate the techniques, aimed at homeowners, trades people, local authorities and architects. www.superhomes.org.uk/
  • European Commission ManagEnergy good practice case studies
    ManagEnergy is an initiative of the European Commission Directorate-General for Energy and Transport, which aims to support work on energy efficiency and renewable energies at the local and regional level. www.managenergy.net
  • Thames Valley Energy Agency
    Case studies covering projects in the Thames Valley area. www.tvenergy.org
  • Energy Saving Trust
    Domestic energy saving case studies in PDF format. www.energysavingtrust.org.uk

Tools and data

  • Degree Days Direct
    Vilnis Vesma's energy management pages with degree day tables The site includes further links to sites providing data on energy management. vesma.com
  • RETScreen® - The RETScreen International Clean Energy Project Analysis Software
    A unique decision support tool developed with the contribution of numerous experts from government, industry, and academia. The software, provided free-of-charge, can be used world-wide to evaluate the energy production, life-cycle costs and greenhouse gas emission reductions for various types of energy efficient and renewable energy technologies (RETs). The software also includes product, cost and weather databases; and a detailed online user manual. Download from www.retscreen.net
  • Domestic Carbon Footprint Calculator
    Provided by Directgov - "public services all in one place". carboncalculator.direct.gov.uk/
  • Business Carbon Footprint Calculators
    Basic indicator and full Carbon Footprint Calculator provided by the Carbon Trust. www.carbon .com