Sustainable communities

sustainable community - vibrant local economy

Sustainable communities general information

  • Homes and Communities Agency
    ...aims to inspire, motivate and influence people across the public, private and voluntary sectors who are involved in creating communities.
  • The Sustainable Communities Network
    A US website which addresses a broad range of issues and provides resources for those who want to help make their communities more livable.
  • Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC)
    The ISC provides passionate, committed people around the world with the tools, skills, and resources they need to make their communities a better place to live.

Community projects

  • Sustainable Ways
    Sustainable Ways is comprised of focus groups committed to working towards improving the quality of life within the Wet Mountain Valley of Colorado, by encouraging sustainable behavior in the areas of healthy food production, community education, recycling, green construction, renewable energy, natural resources protection, and other earth-friendly technologies.

Visioning and planning tools and aids